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Superstition Mead Berry White Bottle

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Superstition Meadery - Berry White - 13.5% ABV. - 500ml Bottle + free glass

Honey Wine with natural flavours. As the 2014 Gold Medal winner at the Mazer Cup International, this sweet and rich drink is unparalleled in quality. The flavours in this wine reveal raspberry and white chocolate notes as you have never experienced. Enjoy as the perfect digestif paired with a rich slice of chocolate cake, a fresh hot brownie or with a fine cigar. Cheers!

We have the original Berry White, Blackberry White, Blueberry White, and Strawberry White. We have limited quantities of these very rare and quite exclusive items. All of these have been produced and bottled in Prescott, Arizona, USA and we couldn't be happier to make them available to you.

Each order is for one bottle 500ml bottle, the picture just shows the 4 variants.

Each order comes with a Superstition Meadery mead glass.

Contains Sulphites