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Lost Banshee 4 Pack

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Two of our heavy hitters in one pack! Why choose a fighter, when you can have both? Guaranteed to have you doing The Monster Mash!

Battling it off in this pack is the following:

x2 Velvet Banshee - Red Velvet Cake Imperial Sour - Strawberry, Honeyberry, Chocolate, and Vanilla combine in this red velvet cake inspired beer. It's sweet, succulent and sour and you'd be wise to heed the delicious warning of this Velvet Banshee.

ABV. 10%

Ingredients: Water, Barley (Gluten), Wheat (Gluten), Oats, Strawberry, Honeyberry, Blueberry, Liquid Cacao, Vanilla, Yeast, Hops

Allergens: Barley (Gluten) Wheat (Gluten)

x2 Lost Cyclops - White Chocolate, Honey & Pistachio Imperial Stout - We've woven wonderful white chocolate, piquant pistachio and heavenly honey into this illustrious imperial stout. Please look after, don't lose your Cyclops.

ABV. 12%

Ingredients: Water, Barley (Gluten), Oats, Honey, Hops, Yeast

Allergens: Barley (Gluten),