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Fear The Rancor (Emperor's Brewery Collab)

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Fear The Rancor - Barrel Aged Maple and Pecan Danish Imperial Stout 

Remember Defeat The Rancor? Well we may not have fully defeated it. This is a Maple and Pecan Danish Pastry Imperial Stout brewed with The Emperor and then aged in bourbon barrels for twelve months. There's the balanced rich sweetness of the original with extra layers of depth from the wood. Don't Fear The Rancor.

ABV. 13.5%

Ingredients: Water, Barley (Gluten), Oats, Lactose, Maple Essence, Pecan Essence, Waffle Essence, Hops, Yeast

Allergens: Barley (Gluten), Oats, Lactose (Milk Sugar)