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Energy City (US) Sour 6 Pack

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Energy City, Batavia, Illinois.

Based in Batavia, Illinois, Energy City Brewing are less than an hour’s drive West from downtown Chicago and Lake Michigan, and, perhaps more excitingly, only 15 minutes’ drive North from Aurora, home of Wayne and Garth! Batavia is known as the City of Energy, hence Energy City Brewing.

Although it all began with a stout, the beers people get most excited by are their fruited sours, IPAs and Berliners. We have 6 of them including one of our favourite beers of all time, the Bistro Grape PB&J Berliner.

Each 6 pack contains 1 each of the following delicious beers. Invert and swirl before pouring.

1. Bistro Grape PB&J | 6.5% ABV. | 473ml

Peanut Butter Jelly Time...Peanut Butter Jelly with a baseball bat. The greatest grape based beer of all time, fight us! Berliner-Style Weisse Beer. Go on, try it.

2. Bistro Pineapple, Lime, Habanero | 6.5% ABV | 473ml

Heavily fruited Berliner-style weisse beer with pineapple, lime & habanero added after fermentation.

3. Bistro Apple & Cranberry Crumble | 6.5% ABV. | 473ml

Berliner weisse with apples, cranberries, brown sugar and cinnamon added after fermentation.

4. Bistro Cabana Mango & Passionfruit | 6.5% ABV. | 473ml

Heavily fruited Berliner weisse with mango and passionfruit added after fermentation.

5. Bistro Cabana Pineapple Coconut | 6.5% ABV. | 473ml

Heavily fruited Berliner Weisse with pineapple & coconut added after fermentation.

6. Bistro Smoothie Pink Guava Banana | 6.5% ABV. | 473ml

Heavily fruited Berliner weisse with pink guava and banana added after fermentation.