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Discovery Box - 10 Cans

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Kra"The real voyage of discovery consists, not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes." Marcel Proust (he was talking about new IPAs).

We pride ourselves on brewing a range of styles here at Neon Raptor and, more importantly, we smash them out the park. Though this box mostly includes our signature juice, fruit sours, and dessert stouts, we've also thrown in some curveballs. 

Crushing Blows  1 X 440ML CAN

Retro Racer  1 X 440ML CAN

Singles In Your Area  1 X 440ML CAN

Velvet Banshee 1 X 440ML CAN

Clusters 1 X 440ML CAN

Severed Island 1 X 440ML CAN

Breakfast Club 1 X 440ML CAN

No Shrubs 1 X 440ML CAN

Lost Cyclops 1 X 440ML CAN

Centaur Army 1 X 440ML CAN