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Aslin (US) Mixed 4 Pack

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Aslin Beer Company is a northern Virginia, DC suburb, microbrewery suited to provide great beverages and a wide variety. We've become pretty friendly with them over the years and are delighted to yet again be stocking some of their excellent range.

Each 4 pack contains 1 each of the following delicious beers. 

1. With A Baseball Bat | 6.5% ABV. | 473ml

Peanut Butter Jelly Time...Peanut Butter Jelly with a baseball bat. This is a sweetened and flavoured silly IPA and we love it here because we love peanut butter beer.

2. Pink Starfish | 5.7% ABV | 473ml

Smooth and crushable IPA hopped with Citra, Galaxy & Strata

3. Triple Orange Starfish | 12% ABV. | 473ml

Triple Orange Starfish is a Triple India Pale Ale with Citra and Galaxy Hops. This is the best Triple IPA we've had at Raptor Towers. It's oranges on top of oranges.

4. Ticklish _and Insecure | 6% ABV. | 473ml

Sour ale with Dragon Fruit, Raspberries, Vanilla. This is the most 90s internet artwork we've ever seen, even more so than when we did Hold Music! And the beer is perfection.